“Discover the legend
that is William

Sir William Wallace

Sir William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland

Over 700 years ago…

…tyranny and terror were the tools being used by England to rule Scotland. Occupied and oppressed, the Scottish nation sought a hero to challenge the cruelty of King Edward I.

Someone to take the campaign for freedom into battle, and on to victory.

When the two countries faced each other at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, Scotland was led to victory by a figure destined to become a national hero - William Wallace.

Sir William Wallace

- a hero of Scotland and a true patriot, had a burning desire for peace and freedom which united the country’s clans, gained the loyalty of its people, struck fear into his enemies and defied the cruel hand of an evil, warring and invading King - Edward I of England.

All the drama of Wallace’s campaign for freedom is captured at the world-famous National Wallace Monument - proudly standing on the Abbey Craig, overlooking the city of Stirling.

Scottish Tourist Board 4 Star Approved