Brothers in Arms

14th Sep 2018

William Wallace and Andrew de Moray – background information

In September 1297, William Wallace and Andrew de Moray led the Scottish army to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge when they faced the forces of King Edward I. Both men played an important role in the First War of Scottish Independence and became Guardians of the Realm after their triumph at Stirling.

While William Wallace has been remembered as Scotland’s first national hero, with over 20 monuments built in Scotland and various statues and plaques around the world, there is no known physical commemoration to Andrew de Moray anywhere in the world!

Brothers in Arms – a monumental sculptural landmark

The Guardians of Scotland Trust was established in 2013 to equally commemorate both Scottish heroes. The trust held an international competition to design a public work of art, which was won by accomplished artist Malcolm Robertson in 2016. Malcolm’s design, entitled ‘Brothers in Arms’ shows William Wallace and Andrew de Moray standing side by side. The hollow mask like structure uses a well-known visual illusion that challenges perceptions by rendering Wallace and de Moray appearing to look in two directions at the same time. The men are seen looking ahead to the challenge they faced in Stirling before the battle while simultaneously looking down on us at the present.

Visitors to The National Wallace Monument will now be able to see the model of the sculpture which is going to be on display in the Visitor Reception Centre until early 2019.

To make this public sculpture a reality, the Trust is reliant on the generosity and support of individuals, businesses and public sector agencies. Visit for more information or to make a donation.

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