Helpful Notes for Group Visits

The personnel at the Monument will do all they can to make sure that your group enjoys its time at the Monument to the full, and they will be happy to deal with any enquiries, either beforehand or during your visit.

To ensure that your group has a safe and enjoyable visit to The National Wallace Monument please look at the following notes:

How long should a group spend at The National Wallace Monument?

For groups of up to 25 – 30 visitors, it is recommended that between one and a half to two hours should be allowed to fully enjoy a visit to the Monument.  For larger groups (up to 50 visitors), a visit time of at least two hours is recommended.

This should allow for adequate time to guide the group from the Car Park to the Monument, to visit each of the levels within the Monument itself, to spend time enjoying and interpreting the view from The Crown, to visit the Souvenir and Gift Shop, and to return back to the Car Park.

For what type of group is The National Wallace Monument a suitable visit?

Obviously, for groups with an interest in Scottish history the Monument is a ‘must-see’.

However the unique features of the Monument, and its outstanding setting on the Abbey Craig, mean that it has a wide appeal to groups of all types. The themed exhibition areas within the Monument, and The Crown, with its outstanding views, are accessed by a spiral staircase, with a total of 246 steps.

What is the normal procedure for a group visit to The National Wallace Monument?

The arrival point for groups is the Visitor Reception Building, at Car Park level. (There are dedicated coach parking bays in the main car park).  Facilities in the Visitor Reception Building include Legends Coffee House (50 seats), toilet facilities and a retail area.  Admission tickets can be pre-purchased in advance, or obtained at the Reception Desk in the entrance area of the Monument.

Visitors can walk to the Monument (10 to 15 mins.) through the wooded slopes of Abbey Craig, or visitors who are unable to climb the Abbey Craig can use the 10 seater courtesy minibus.

There are four upper levels within the Monument (each accessed by a spiral staircase), with three exhibition halls, and The Crown, from which visitors can enjoy panoramic 360° views.

Souvenir and Gift Shops are located at the entrance level in the Monument, and in the Visitor Reception building (at the Car Park level). A wide range of items are available for purchase in both areas.

What is the normal procedure for a larger group (20+)?

If you have more than 20 visitors in your group – then the best way of visiting the Monument is to split the party into smaller groups of 10, each of which can visit a different area simultaneously.  For example – one group could go directly to The Crown, and visit each level of the Monument from the top downwards, whilst another group can start their visit at the first level, etc.

How to stay safe during your visit

The safety of all visitors to the Monument is important – and children must be supervised at all times, especially when they reach The Crown. For school parties, there should be at least one supervising adult or teacher with each group of 15 children. CLICK HERE for more information for school groups.

Each level of the Monument is accessed by a narrow, spiral staircase, with a total of 246 steps to The Crown. It is important to keep to the right hand side when climbing up, and to give way to people coming down.

Items must not be thrown from the top – as they could be a danger to people below.

Are advance reservations necessary for group visits?

Advance reservations are recommended, especially during peak months (between April and September), but are not essential.

Discounted admission rates are available for groups of 10 or more visitors.

Group Reservations

If you wish to make a group reservation enquiry please click here to access our enquiry form.

For further group reservation enquiries or information please contact:

example pushThe National Wallace Monument
Abbey Craig
Hillfoots Road, Causewayhead
Stirling FK9 5LF
Tel: 01786 472 140

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