Your Visit to The Monument

Arriving at The Monument

You can obtain your entrance ticket at the Visitor Reception Building (in the Car Park area), or at the Reception Desk in the Monument.  A courtesy minibus service operates between the Car Park and the Monument.

The three exhibition galleries within the Monument, and the Crown at the top of the building, are accessed via a spiral staircase, with a total of 246 steps. Visitors unable to use the staircase can use the facilities in the Keeper’s Lodge, at the entrance level.

Image Map The Crown Spire Royal Chamber The hall of heroes Hall of arms Keeper's Lodge Souvenir and Gift Shop

The Hall of Arms

See how the Battle of Stirling Bridge came to be fought, and what Wallace's victory meant for Scotland.

The Hall of Heroes

Wallace's legendary battlesword is the centrepiece of this gallery, where you can also follow the stories of other famous Scots.

The Royal Chamber

This is where you can uncover the facts and figures behind the building of the Monument, and where the children have their own special activities.

The Crown

When you reach The Crown at the top of The Monument the view will take your breath away.

Keepers Lodge

The Keeper's Lodge is a small lounge area on the ground floor, where light refreshments are available.

Souvenir and Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is where you can choose a special souvenir of your visit to the Monument, from a selection of Scottish crafts, jewellery and books.

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