at Stirling’s famous landmark

Every year – Stirling’s National Wallace Monument welcomes over 100,000 visitors – who come to discover for themselves the life and the legacy of the patriot and martyr who came to be recognised as Scotland’s National Hero.  Almost 150 years have passed since the Monument first opened its doors to the public, and visitors arriving today are every bit as fascinated by the Monument as those first pioneering Victorians who climbed up to the summit of the Abbey Craig, and to the top of the Monument itself.

Stirling District Tourism, the charity which is responsible for the management and operation of the Monument, has created opportunities for volunteers to work alongside the Monument’s staff team in taking care of visitors who want to learn the story of William Wallace.

Your skills and experience can help in creating special memories    

As a member of the Monument’s team of Volunteers, you will have the opportunity to assist and help visitors as they explore and enjoy one of Scotland’s most striking visitor destinations.

Perhaps you are passionate about photography – and your experience could help a visitor find the best spot for that perfect picture.  Maybe you’ll find yourself using your knowledge of geography to explain the meanderings of the River Forth as it twists and turns its way through Stirling.  Or will it be your understanding of Scottish history which will help you in explaining the part which William Wallace played in shaping Scottish history?

Above all – you will simply enjoy meeting the visitors who reach Stirling from over 90 countries worldwide, and by spending a few moments with them during their time they spend at the National Wallace Monument, you can help in creating a special holiday memory for them to take home.

Just a little amount of your time – can make a big difference  

If the position of a Volunteer at the National Wallace Monument sounds like one you would enjoy, and you would like to find out more about this opportunity, then we’d really like to hear from you.  Please send an e-mail with your contact details to volunteer@nationalwallacemonument.com, and we’ll answer your questions and send you more information.

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